DSC01314It is the LITA Kikulula campus to which is the longest distance from Dar-es-Salaam, where the second part of the project 58/2015 has just begun. This time it was airplane travel through Mwanza to Bukoba and afterwards towards Karagwe. On the way to Kikulula campus some more of equipments were bought to facilitate teaching of Parasitology (such as a projector screen etc). Once arrived the Polish team went to the laboratory to prepare practices for teachers and students of LITA Kikulula. There was a reconstruction of the laboratory completed during several months which passed from the previous visit to Kikulula. When the equipment which have been previously delivered by land from Dar-es-Salaam (approx. 2000 km) was unpacked – together with LITA teachers the assembling of microscopes has begun. Afterwards the small laboratory equipment for the coprological examination was placed at site. When all was ready – Dr. Justyna Bartosik started a practical training with the staff. At the same time Dr. Maciej Klockiewicz started introductory lectures for students in the another part of the campus. Even though the list of subjects was long students stayed to the end and they asked a lot of questions concerning parasitic diseases of calves, an adult livestock and a poultry. On the second day all the LITA Kikulula students joined the laboratory classes of Parasitology. Also the staff worked together, so students if it was necessary had a chance to clarify the doubts in kiswahili. Despite the fact that for most of them it was the first contact with the microscopic work in Parasitology diagnostic, – there was nice to observe their enthusiasm. During a short break the Parasitology Laboratory in the campus of the LITA Kikulula has been officially opened in the presence of the Staff and Students.