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Livestock Training Agency (LITA) – MADABA

madabaLivestock Training Agency (LITA) – MADABA Campus was established in 1989. The agency is under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and it is located 117 km from Songea town and 15 km from Songea-Njombe tarmac road. The campus possesses 1417 hectares in which 55 hectares is for residential activities, 400 hectares for farming of crops, 200 hectares for pastures used by dairy cattle, goats and sheep. The other 747 hectares are used for keeping beef cattle and the rest 15 hectares for bee keeping. LITA-Madaba campus offers both long and short courses in animal health and production. Long-term courses is offered for ordinary secondary school (form four) leavers and involves certificates and diploma training while short-term courses is offered for livestock and bee keepers as well as livestock field officers. Currently the agency has 421 students. The agency is undertaking different production projects including dairy cattle, beef, goats, sheep, pigs, layers and local chickens. Other entrepreneurship activities are crop farming and bee keeping.