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Livestock Training Agency (LITA) – MOROGORO

sam_2503_1The campus of LITA Morogoro, one of the eight schools run by Livestock Training Agency is located 200 kilometres West of Dar-es-Salaam, which is an industrial centre of Tanzania. The town Morogoro is placed on the floor of Uluguru Mountains. There is the Sokoine University of Agriculture next to the campus, which is the only high education school of agricultural sciences in Tanzania. The campus was established in 1948 as an Asian Agricultural School and it was aimed at the training Agricultural Officers to run Asian Wami rice farms. The education of the husbandry of farm animals started from 1963. And afterwards since 1992 till 2000 under a supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture in co-operation with the foundation from the Kingdom of Netherlands new courses started to train and implement new teaching methodologies in the fields of farm animals husbandry. Simultaneously from 1996-2000 together with the Centre for Human Resource Development in agriculture expanded a scope of operations by conducting consultancy services in the rural development. Now, there are 41 teachers assisted by 17 persons of technical staff involved in educations for students in LITA Morogoro. Currently 417 students attend courses in the campus. According to the Polish Aid Program project no 16/2016 there are undergoing rehabilitation and constructing works in new Laboratory Parasitology room at the moment. The new electrical and water supply and sewage installations are being assembled. It will be also established store for microscopes and a laboratory equipment as well as a room for the assistant teacher in the part of the same building.