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Livestock Training Agency (LITA) – MPWAPWA

mpwapwa_2Campus LITA Mpwapwa is placed in central part of Tanzania. It is about 120 kilometers to the East from Dodoma (capital city of the Republic) and 430 kilometers from Dar-es-Salaam to the West from there. The distance from the main roads to Mpwapwa is about 60-70 km. This is very dry climates there, surrounding by mountains and many river beds. This place is about 1030 meters above the sea level. The LITA campus consists of 500 hectares, 127 for crop and 137 of pastures, respectively. The beginning of The LITA Mpwapwa starts since 1905, when Germen established it as a part of the first veterinary station. Formally, the school was opened in 1939. Later on it was partially moved to Tengeru (Arusha). (There mpwapwa_1was the biggest Polish refuges campus 1942-1952 in Tengeru). Basic veterinary courses have been again organized since 1967. It was also a part of the research and Training Institute since 1968. There were two years certificate courses conducted, but diploma ones in Animal Health started in 1972. The current shape of the campus was created 40 years ago (1976). There are 3 masters’, 7 bachelors’ and 13 diplomas’ degree tutors who conduct lectures and practical for students in LITA Mpwapwa. There are also 22 persons of supportive personnel in the campus. There are 423 students (152 female and 272 male, respectively), who are studying certificate and diploma courses. Furthermore, there are special courses for local farmers and stock holders organized as well.