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The Parasitology Laboratory of LITA Madaba is working now!

2madabaParasitology Laboratory in LITA Madaba (Songea) has been opened as the first one during the second phase of realization of 16/2016 Polish Aid program. There were new water and sewage as well as electrical systems installed after several months of intensive reconstruction works. There were also cupboards for small laboratory equipment, laboratory tables and stools for student organized for the lab. All the works were accomplished at the beginning of November 2016. First trainings started on 16 of November after arrival of set of microscopes and other laboratory equipment. According to the plan dr. Maciej (Mataio) Klockiewicz performed several lectures for students as 1madabaan introduction to diagnose parasitic diseases of farm and companion animals. At the same time dr. Justyna Bartosik started training with tutors on assembling microscopes, cameras, ect., and usage of the new equipment for Parasitology classes. There were almost hundred students listening to the lectures. And all tutors (who were not busy with other students’ activities) joined training conducted by Justyna Bartosik. Practicals with students were performed together with tutors to share our experiences concerning coprological examinations as it is being done for students of the Veterinary Faculty in Warsaw University of Life Sciences. There were two days of classes and 6 groups of the 2nd year of Diploma studies joined those activities in LITA Madaba. The Parasitology Laboratory of LITA Madaba was officially opened on the 18th of November 2016.