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New Parasitology Laboratory in LITA Mpwapwa.

mpwapwa1After long trip from Madaba (Songea) through Iringa to Mpwapwa (Dodoma) the Polish team started the second phase of the project 16/2016. The group arrived in Mpwapwa on Sunday the 20th of November at late evening. After the last finishing works in the laboratory the training on assembling microscopes was done on the next day in the morning. It was very important to check if everything was running properly because the main Launching Ceremony was scheduled two days later. The group of tutors following instructions prepared microscopes and afterwards continued the parasitological part of laboratory activities. Traditionally that part of training was under supervision of dr. Justyna Bartosik, while dr. Maciej (Mataio) Klockiewicz performed lectures on Parasitology. And as it was in other places he found students very interested in those subjects. There was a lot of questions concerning the role of parasitic examination in diagnostics of infections in farm animals. In the mean time it was a need to accomplish purchasing some small laboratory equipment in Dodoma. So, practical classes with students were done according to the same schedule. There were a short introduction to the sampling methods in Parasitology, discussions on some aspects of biosecurity, storage and transportation of samples at the beginning. The second part were examinations of fecal samples collected form animals living on the farm in LITA Mpwapwa. That part of training students liked very much because they could use the new equipment by themselves. They especially enjoyed counting of eggs and oocyst with McMaster method using set made of microscope, camera and projector – so everybody could see the samples on the wall screen. It was also the chance for Polish team learn how to calculate in kswahili (moja, bili, tatu,…). The best students performed fecal examinations during the launching ceremony showing and explaining visitors how to use new equipment.