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Renovation and adaptation works at LITA Tengeru.

According to the project „Improvement of the youth quality education in the field of veterinary medicine in Tanzania by enhancement of the teaching conditions” – the Foundation Science for Development has been continuing rehabilitation and building works of Parasitology Laboratory at Livestock Training Agency in Tengeru (Arusha). It will be used by the staff and students to study the veterinary parasitology. The rehabilitation plan had to be widen as it was revealed during the visit at the site. Primarily, it was necessary to exchange the roof tiles as they were constructed in 60-ties of the previous century. There were many leakiness in the roof. And particularly during rain seasons some rooms of the building have been actually swamped. We agreed that roof covering had to be replaced by the new one – made of good quality metal roofing sheets. LITA authorities bore the costs of those works, but required materials were financed by the project funds. It was considered that the number of candidates who would like to study at LITA Tengeru increased and there is was shortage of laboratory rooms. It means insufficiency in terms of teaching facilities for students. Therefore together with LITA Management the decision was made to remove some partition walls and include additional areas to enlarge the capacity of the Parasitology laboratory. The project is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to Polish Aid Programme.