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We present the LITA Buhuri Campus – one of beneficiaries of our project.

1buhuriWe present the LITA Buhuri Campus – one of beneficiaries of the project: “The improvement of teaching and diagnostics of parasitic diseases in LITAs’ schools as a component of enhancing the standards of education of breeding livestock in Tanzania”. This project is realized by the Foundation Science for Development within the framework of Polish Aid Program 2015, and it is co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Buhuri Capmus (Tanga) is placed in North-East Tanzania and it is the one out of eight campuses, which belong to the governmental schools of the Livestock Training Agency in Tanzania. The campus of LITA Buhuri consists of the following facilities: lecture halls, laboratories, a library, computer room, a Dairy cattle unit, a Small ruminants unit, a Poultry unit, a Piggery unit, an administration office, workshops, ect. The general goal of LITa Buhuri is continuing improvement of the quality and scope of teaching specialists on animal production and public health. The LITA Buhuri was established in 1980, but studies stared in 1984. Since the very beginning the teaching program was focused on the dairy cattle husbandry. The profile was enlarged onto husbandry of other farm animals such as: poultry, small ruminants (goats and sheep), and pigs. Currently, there are two long courses provided in LITA Buhuri. Students are trained and awarded a Diploma in Animal Production or Certificate in Animal Health and Production. First course started in 2007 and already 259 students finished and the second one has started in 2012 and 103 finished, respectively. There are 16 module teachers and 27 of supporting staff involved in the organization of those two-years going studies. At the moment there are 117 on the first and 99 on the second year registered students who study certified course on Animal Health and Production. Furthermore there are some more courses concerning different fields of agriculture provided in LITA Buhuri. Those are courses of husbandry dedicated for the local farmers – and 8312 farmers attended them since the beginning of the school. There are also courses of the environmental conservation, sustainable food production ect.. Students of other schools and universities (Sokoine University of Agriculture) come to LITA Buhuri for practice – 426 are already trained. Additionally, 537 persons passed continuing refresher courses, 215 finished courses of management of the large scale farms of livestock. Interestingly, 105 people was trained on special courses of biogas service and production.